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Fun Facts starting with A

Found 53 facts, where title starting on letter a.

Actors earn
Actors in Charlie Chan movies
Add opposite sides of a dice cube
Adult and flatulent gas
African vs. Indian domesticate elephants
Air apple
Airplane fly backwards
Airplane mechanic
Airport vs. Manhattan size
Alaskan receives $1000 per year
Albatross sleeping
Al Capone a furniture dealer
Al Capone died from syphilis
Alexander and Caesar epileptic
Allergic to carrots
Allergic to cockroaches
Allowed to marry a dog
All the gold ever mined
All the platinum ever mined
Almonds peach family
Almost no Buddhists in India
Aluminum vs. gold
Alva Edison patents
American Automobile Association
American fortune cookies
American fuel energy uses
American Green cards not green
American residents in Mexico
Americans airborne
Americans and forks
Americans eat pizza
Americans garbage
Americans on diet
Andrew Jackson’s tombstone
Another name Win tutorial
Antarctica area code
Antarctica not owned
Antarctica warmest temperature
Aorta diameter
Appeared on television
Apple rose
Apple vs. coffee
Aspirin tablet vs. air in glass: weight
Asteroids orbiting
Astronauts get taller
Astronomers vs. astrologers in US
Atomic clock beats
Attila as dwarf
Australian Burger King
Average ice berg weight