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Fun Facts starting with B

Found 118 facts, where title starting on letter b.

B12 in rain
Babe Ruth wore No. 3
Babies color blind
Babies diapers
babies dropped in next month
Babies eyes
Babies who suck on pacifiers
Baboon as a private
Baboon vs. Leopard
Baby beavers
Baby eel
Baby falls 6 feet
Baby in 3 sec
Baby octopus size
Baby robins
Baby whales grow speed
Bacteria cause disease
Bacteria in mouth
Bacteria tooth decay
Bagpipe made from liver
Ball on top of flagpole
Balsa wood is hard
Bamboo plants
Bananas fruit or not
Bananas make happy
Banana tree reproducing
Banging your head in wall
Bank of America or Italy
Barbie's full name
Bar owners sell beer
Barrel of petroleum
Baseball rotates
Bathing babies in beer
Bats turn left
Battle plans in sandbox
Beard Republicans
Bears black or not
Bear vs. horse run
Beatles how to read music
Beavers can swim
become The Steagles
Beer commercial
Beer in Egypt 3000 BC
Before toilet papers
Bermuda no rental cars
Best eyesight dog
Betting on patients die
Bicycle is faster than a car
Big Dipper name
Bigger in yellow
Bill Gates at 15
Bill Gates used Macintosh
Billionaire while in prison
Billion cells to replace
Billion dollars for chewing gum
Billion grains of pollen
Bills in cash
Bimbo is a brand
Bird can swim, not fly
Bird chews
Bird with beard
Birthday pie vs. cake
Bisexual chimpanzees
bite their toes
Bitten by animals
Bitten by other humans
Black paint fastest to dry
Blesbok color
Blimps in world
Blind and deaf in US
Blind chameleon still take colors
Blind from smoking
Blinking per min
Blinks in year
Blue eyes see in dark
Blue for owls
Blue vs. red toothbrushes
Blue Whale's tongue weight
BMW airplane engines
Bob and Billy boxers
Body fat for soap
Body iron for nail
Bomber crashed into building
Bones in feet
Bones in human body
Bones vs. concrete
Bore holes with sound
Born blind and deaf
Born during the day or at night
Born with a crooked nose
Born with teeth
Bottled water
Bowling pin height
Brad Pitt smoking
Brain for eye control
Brandy vs. mercury in thermometers
Bran insensitive to pain
Brazil name origin
Brazil vs. Africa diamonds
Breakfast cereals
Breastfed to be slimmer
Breath dust
Breathe through feet
Bricks in Empire State Building
Britney Spears booking name
Broken clock
Budweiser beer name
Burglaries in daytime
Burn calories on dirt
Burning his own paintings
Burn off one plain M&M candy
Burp in space
Bush and Hefner are cousins domain price
Butterfly original name
Buttocks or Prostitute as name