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Fun Facts starting with C

Found 135 facts, where title starting on letter c.

C3PO speak first
Cabbage leaf under cap
Camcorders: see through people's clothes
Camels three eyelids
Canada on Indian
Canada's new flag
Canary Islands name
Can be jailed if young as 15
Can hear hearts beating
Cannot walk backwards
Canola oil
Can smell the virgin female
Cans of baked beans in UK
Can't cry in space
Can't sink in quicksand
Can't snap fingers
Can't walk with 6 legs
Can without can opener
Capacity of human brain
Caps made of straw
Car accidents vs. wars
Car airbags kill
Carbon dioxide poisoning vs. oxygen deprivation
Car brake distance
Car max economy
Carrot was purple
Carrying a dead shrew
Cars generate the same amount of pollution
Cashew nut shells irritating skin
Castor oil as lubricant
Catgut no cat
Cats hate lemons
Cats vs. dogs vocal sounds
Cat urine glows
Cat vs. baby food
Catwoman is a man
Cause of poisoning for children
Cellophane no plastic
Cell phone antennas no purpose
Celsius equal to Fahrenheit
C from music for Elvis
Chained vs. unchained dogs
Chamberlain never fouled out
Chameleon's tongue
Champagne cork vs. spider
Chance of survival if bitten by snake
Change for a dollar
Charles and William never on same airplane
Charles Lindbergh's first passenger
Chase a chicken through town naked
Checks from the wrong account
Cheerleader president
Cheetahs raced
Che Guevara asthma
Chemicals indole and skatole
Chemical sodium explode
Chewing gum vs. cutting onions tears
Chicken lay bigger egg
Child can do it, adult not
Children vs. adults laugh
China rice needs
China vs. US in English speaking population
Chinese ideogram for trouble
Chocolate and acne
Chocolate bar and insects legs
Chocolate milk on cereal
Chocolate with caffeine
choke to death pens
Chop Suey in NY
Chop-suey no native Chinese
Christmas with fireworks
Chrysler vs. Mitsubishi airplanes and cars
Chugging pints of beer in seconds
Cigar vs. wine
Cinderella the slipper was made out of fur
Citroen 2CV
City dwellers vs. country folks
City located on two continents
City vs. country dog who live longer
Clams start out as males
Cleanest air in Tasmania
Cleopatra real name
Cleopatra was Greek
Clock ring only at 4AM
Clocks with one hand
Coach airline vs. first class meal cost
Coca-cola in space
Cocaine found UK bank notes
Cocaine on paper money
Cockroach helps
Cockroach without head
Coconuts liquid for blood plasma
Coconuts vs. shark kills
Coffee drinkers have sex
Coffee near equator
Coffee not beans
Coffee substitute
Coffee tree
Cold vs. hot water weight
Collecting water 17 hrs per day
Colorblind bulls
Colorless diamonds
Comet's tail
Committed suicide by eating salt
Company saves money
Condoms sold door to door
Conquered Italy in 26
Consent of the King to have sex
Consumption of soft drinks
Contain all 13 minerals
Continents wider at the north
Copper and zinc for IQ
Copyright for Happy Birthday song
Could throw a pickup truck over a mile
Country with most Universities
Count till one trillion
Cow dung as medical
Cow: glasses of milk
Cow go upstairs
Cows for footballs
Cow shaving foam
Cow vs. shark attack
Crayola on French
Credit card bill
Cremated after die
Cremated person weigh
Criminals commit crime
Crock swallow stones
Crocodile teeth replace
Crystal glass is Liquid
Cubic foot of gold
Cubic yard of air
Cup of coffee chemicals
Cup of orange juice