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Fun Facts starting with D

Found 55 facts, where title starting on letter d.

Dandelion coffee substitute
Dasani bottled water
David Copperfield seen
Daylight savings time car accidents
Dead skin as dust
Deaf people safer driving
Deep Breathing vs. aerobics
Deer will chew
described the two moons of Mars
Detergent in beer commercials
Diamonds color
Diamonds from peanut butter
Died during building Panama Canal
Died in 27
Died in bed while having sex
Died two days after introduced
Diet Pepsi name
Digesting lipstick
Dillinger played baseball
Dirty vs. clean snow
Disney afraid of mice
Disposable diaper
Distance for projectile vomiting
Dog, cat consume pet food
Dogs can hear
Dogs in the US
Dog sweating
Dogs with black tongues
Dog vs. human years
Dollar bill life span
Dollars changes hands
Dollars for pets
Donkeys can kill
Donkeys in military
Donkeys vs. plane crashes
Donkeys wins war
Do not carry rabies
Dot over letter i
Doughnut-shaped coins
Doyle was an ophthalmologist
Dragonfly lifespan
Dragsters vs. space shuttle
Dreaming babies
Dreaming time
Dreams per year
Dresses for boys and girls
Drew Carey at Dennys
Drinken sodas per year
Drivers vs. hunters in deer killing
Drop of water around the world
Drunk drivers punished by death
Drunk population
Du Pont, Inc originally
Duracell headquarters
dust from dead skin