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Fun Facts starting with F

Found 90 facts, where title starting on letter f.

F1 upside down
face-off in hockey
Fall asleep on their sides
Falling coconuts protection
False teeth radioactivity
Fast dragonflies
Faster hearts beat
Faster hops means less energy
Faster uphill than downhill
Fast pain traveling
Father of charcoal briquette
Favorite in horse races
Fear of beds
Fear of buried alive
Fear of everything
Fear of trivia
Fear of wines
Federal crime to assassinate the President or not
Female bees
Female mosquitoes bite
Females learn earlier
Female vs. male - lives longer
Female vs. male millionaires
Fetus fingerprints
Few cars on Haiti
Fifteen people in Manhattan
Filters in gas masks
Find out if a watermelon is ripe
Fined for inaccurate weather
Fingernails grow faster
Fingernails vs. toenails
Fingerprints of koala bears
Fire 5000 years old
Fire from ice
fireproof tree
First bomb killed ZOO elephant
First country Women to vote
First-cousin marriages
First ever patent
First flushed toilet in movie
First hard drive capacity
First have television
First ironclad warships
First man to fly a plane solo
First person over Niagara falls
First postcards
First product with bar code
First programme on BBC2
First registered domain
First Roman Catholic President
First song played on Virgin Radio
First street lit by gaslight
First toothpaste
First TV commercial
Fish in human blood
Fish in northern hemisphere
Fish with voices
Five mins in gas chamber
Five minutes foam beer
Five years eating
Flammable creamer
Flea can jump
Flip a coin ten times
Florida, the tornado state
Florida vs. England size
Flu shots
fly without flapping wings
Food additives per year
Food that cockroaches wont eat
Ford with Dodge engines
Foreign coins in US
Forensic scientists - read from hair
Forests in Siberia
Forks emit light
Four feet long clam
four of 10 condoms
Four ounce Panda
France kilts
Freezing gasoline
French kiss and bacteria
French official language in England
Frog can throw up
Frogs eat fireflies
Frog vs. rat phobia
Frozen lobsters back to life
Frozen Niagara falls
Fuel in Boeing 747
Full moon and earth temperature
Full name for Los Angeles