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Fun Facts starting with H

Found 60 facts, where title starting on letter h.

Hair can stretch
Hair does not grow back darker
Hair grows faster in..
Hair on their eyes
Hamburgers vs. cars price
Hand on their testicles for oath
Handstands before spray
Hard boil an ostrich egg
Hardboiled egg
Harrison Ford spiders
Have been crushed to death
Have fire vs. burglarized
Have no teeth over 55
Having twins chance
Head rubbed with vaseline
Hearing last sense when die
Heart beat billions
Heart beats
Heart in head
Heart pumps
Heart rate during a yawn
Heat in iceberg
Heaviest primates
Hedgehog's heart beats
He owns 2% of New Mexico
Hermit crab life span
Her name is Janet Jackson
Hiccups for 69 years
Highest minimum drinking age
Hippo with open mouth
His onscreen kiss from a man
Hitchcock no belly button
Hitler one testicle
Hitler's favorite movie
Hole-in-one in golf chance
Home vs. car pollution
Honda vehicles manufactured in N America
Honey in golf balls
Honorary Harlem Globetrotter
Horseshoe kidney for Mel Gibson
Horse shoes in race
Hostess Twinkie
House fire in every 45 sec
Housefly regurgitates its food
Housefly weight
Household refrigerators for $16000
Household wrench
Housewife walks around the house
Houston is sinking
How many bones
How tall is your head
Human and chimpanzee genes
Human is capable of outrunning F1
Humans cannot taste water
Human's strongest muscle
hurled footwear
Hurricane vs. nuclear energy
Husbands attacked by wives
Hypnotism is banned