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Fun Facts starting with L

Found 62 facts, where title starting on letter l.

Lack indoor plumbing
Lactose intolerant - chocolate helps
Lake with sharks
Lap dances in Vegas
Largest advertiser in Yellow Pages
Largest diamond
Largest distributor of toys
Largest eyes in the world
Laughs per day
Lay colored eggs
Lay eggs in morning
Leans away from the sun
Least Likely to Succeed
Leather skin smell
Left-handed people
Legal dueling
Lego bricks manufactured
Lemon juice facts
Lens of the eye grows
Lenny Kravitz's mother
Leonardo was dyslexic
Leon Leonwood
Letter Q in name
Let women vote
Lick elbow
Lick stamp and calorie
Life boat patent
Life span of a peasant
Life span of baseball
Lift things 10x own weight
Lightbulb inventor afraid of dark
Lightening strike
Lighter vs. match invented
Light from sun to earth
Lightning bolt vs. sun temperature
Lightning strike animals
Lightning strike per min
Lightning travels up
Lima beans
Linen absorb moisture
Lion's roar
Lipstick contains
Liquid laundry detergents
Liquor from snakes
Lives only two weeks
Live to be 116
Lobster age
London Broil
Longer airstrip
Longest cave in the world
Longest chicken flight
Longest English word with no vowels
Longest word in the English
Long hair men - no Disneyland
Lose weight with smelling
Lost at sea nuclear bombs
Lost taste buds
lottery prizes go unclaimed
Loudest sound by animal
Low vs. Higher income man cheating wife
Lump of pure gold
Lungfish out of water