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Fun Facts starting with M

Found 113 facts, where title starting on letter m.

Maggots eating
Maintaining healthy bones
make 1$ bill cost
Make jelly bean
Maker of Aspirin
Malcolms original name
Male can fly
Male praying mantis
Male vs. female hospital patients
Male vs. female sweat
Mammals pee backwards
Man gets robbed
Manhattan Island price
Man sued his doctor
Manufacturing toilet paper: embarrassment
Marble in chewing gum
Marie Curie died from radiation
Marijuana on Washington and Jefferson plantations
Marine catfish can taste
Mark Twain's school
Married people using dating ads
Marry a dead person
Marry elder sister’s daughter
Mary is not prostitute
Maryland state sport
Mask used by Michael Myers
Mate 50 times per day
Mattel picture frames
Mayday on French
Melt pearls
Memory in the morning
Men prefer boxers
Men stronger than horse
Menstruation vs. finger sensitivity
Men vs. women change minds
Men vs. women color blindness
Men vs. Women in struck by lightening
Men vs. women laugh
Meteoric dust on Earth every day
Meteoroids enter per day
Mexican Jumping Beans
Mexico City built
MGM Grand Hotel washes
Mice hunting license
Michael Jordan school basketball
Michael Keaton's name
Microbes on human body
Microsoft's first year
Microwaved vs. frozen baseball
Midgets and dwarfs children
Mile is Latin for
Milk vs. cream
millionaires and used cars
Million rats in 18 months
Millions for potato research
Millions to Manhattan
Million stray dogs in NY City
Mirror onto a cone speaker
Mississippi flow backwards
M&M's sold each day
Moby Dick only 50 copies
Moist vs. dry air
Mole can dig
Molecule size trophy
Monaco vs. NY Central park
Mona Lisa eyebrows
Mona Lisa x-rays
Money from plastic
Monkeys lose hair
Monopoly vs. real money
Months when earth rotates more slowly
Months with Friday the 13th
Month with most commonly car accidents
Moon helps in weight loss
Moon larger than planet
Moon moving away from Earth
moon not visible
Moon vs. Pacific ocean volume
More gas for speed
More Marlboro nicotine in New York
More telephones per capita
Mosquito doubles weight
Mosquitoes attracted to blue
Mosquitoes prefer
Most and least used letter in English
Most bars per capita
Most collect calls
Most common name
Most craved food by pregnant women
Most dangerous job
Most erotic smell
Most frequently poisoned
Most hotel rooms
Most popular Campbell's Soup
Most popular first name
Most popular sport as a topic for movie
Most powerful electric eel
Most productive day
Most pushups performed in day
Most-shoplifted book
Moth and stomach
Motorists on cell phones
Motorists picks their nose
Motto In God We Trust
Mouse size panda
Moved inches for each gallon of diesel
Mr. Kiss-Kiss-Bang-Bang
Mr. Rogers minister
Multi-colored yolks
Muppet Show was banned: pig as star
Muscles to smile
Music and surgeons
Mussolini dodged