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Fun Facts starting with P

Found 84 facts, where title starting on letter p.

Pajamas as standard daytime wearing
Panama Canal entrance
Pancakes in Australia
Pants as a dirty word
Paper folded in half
Paper money from cotton
Paradise and Hell town
Parrots pressure in their beaks
Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches eaten
Peanuts in dynamite
Pee on legs to cool
Penalized for an incomplete forward pass
Penalty for horse theft
Penalty for masturbation
Penis of a barnacle
Pennsylvania vs. Colorado sea level
Penny can hold water drops
People in jail
People who are lying
People who ride on roller
Pepper sauce in US army
Persia changed name
Perspiration is odorless
Pesticides in bodies
Pet hamsters descended
Pets in Halloween costumes
photocopying their butts
Phrase rule of thumb
Pierce Brosnan as a fire eater
Pigeon cannot lay eggs alone
Pigs don't look the sky
Pig's penis
Pilgrims no forks
Pillow-related injuries
Pillows from stone
Pinocchio on Italian
Pittsburgh sport team colors
Pittsburgh Steelers original name
Pizza box patents
Pizzas and pepperoni
Places without ants
Place with largest Polish population
Plants grow healthier
Plastic film production
Plastic vs. real flamingos in US
Poison-arrow frog
Poison mercury in latex pants
Poisonous avocado
Poisonous nutmeg
Poisonous seeds
Poisonous spurs on its legs
Polar bear can eat
Polar bear fur
Polar bear hand
Polar bear is black
Pollen never deteriorates
Pollen travels
Poorly dressed - driver license taken
Popular pizza toppings in India
Population in apartment building
Population of Earth doubled
Porcupines in water
Porsche tractors
Possible hands in game of bridge
Potato chips vs. potato cost
Potent men in 70
pots of coffee
Pound of pollution
Pregnancies in her life
President born in a hospital
President running over lady with horse
President with no college degree
Pressure in human heart
Pressure on your knees
Prevent 'in-grown' toe nails
Price for NIKE Swoosh design
Pride and Prejudice original title
Print human skin with inkjet
Protein fruit
Publishers and magazine subscriptions
Pumped barrels of blood in lifetime
Pumpkin rule of thumb
Pumpkins sold for decoration