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Fun Facts starting with R

Found 61 facts, where title starting on letter r.

Race against horses and dogs for living
Radioactive bags
Radio code Wilco
raed tihs
Raging elephant
Rainbow at night
Rainbow in morning or afternoon
Rain water produce food
Raisin in glass of champagne
Ralph Lauren's name
Ramses brand condom named
Rapper LL Cool J's name
Rat can fall
Rats and human languages
Rats can't vomit
Rat's performance
Rat vs. Camel without water
Real estate agent's rule
Recommended chemical to decontaminate anthrax
Recycling just one glass bottle
Recycling one glass jar for TV watch
Red blood cells creating
Redheads in Scotland
Redheads require more anesthesia
Re-hydrated with urine
Reindeer vs. cow milk fat
Related President George W. Bush
Remember better in cold water
Reno, West of LA
Reproduce without sex
Restaurants first year
Reused condom patent
Revenue that is generated from gambling
Reynolds is Cherokee
Ribs moving
Rice as chief food
Rice paper without rice
Richest country in the world
Ridges around the edge
Rifle bullet speed air
Right or left handed dogs, cats
Rights for cows
Right shoes wear out faster
Right vs. left-handed long life
Right vs. left lung air
Roach without head
Rodent's teeth
Rolex watch doesn't tick
Roll a lung as tennis court
Rolls Royce per person
Rolls Royce vs. Toyota
Romans toothpicks
Rome on every continent
Ron Jeremy with masters degree
Roosters can't crow
Rubber duck for Queen
Rubber in bubble gum
Rubik's Cube in seconds
Rum for washing baby's head
Russia and US two miles apart