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Fun Facts starting with S

Found 112 facts, where title starting on letter s.

Sacrificed goats in Pakistan
Saddam Hussein city key
Salads vs. burgers in fat
Sale of vodka
Sales in December
Saliva for food tasting
Salmon jump
Salt for de-ice roads
Saltier ocean
Salt in sea water
Salt in their tea
Salt water into fresh water
Same chemicals in antifreeze
Same shoes for Bush and Saddam
Sandra and horses
SARS virus
Saturn's rings
Saucers with vinegar
Schwarzenegger's voice dubbed
Scientists in military projects
Scorpion are not immune to their own poison
Sea below sea level
Seaweed grow speed
Seconds in 32 years
Second Street most common
See all four feet at all times
Sell home in Yellow
Sensitive blue eyes
Shake a can of mixed nuts
Share your birthday
Shark attack victims can survive
Sharon and caffeine
Sheep and pictures
Sheep vs. humans
Sheryl's fake front teeth
She wrote all her books standing
Shrink in size
Single vs. married man height
Sinking Mexico City
Sit still for 8 hrs for camera picture
Skeleton growing
Skin as laid flat
Skin as organ
Skin flakes inhale
Sleeping sense of smell
Sloth vs. algae moving
Slot machine facts
Slow down tumor growth
Slugs and noses
Smaller heart in space
Smallest human penis
Smashing into windows
Smell linked to memory
Smokers vs. non-smokers in sugar eating
Smokey the Bear's zip code
Snail's sleep time
Snake bite victims
Sneeze on light
Sneeze travel fast
Sneezing speed
Snowiest city in US
Soft quills of a porcupine
Sold bibles
Sold half-eaten French toast
Solid blocks of tea as money
song Strawberry Fields Forever
Sony cooker
SONY's original name
Sorting cranberries
Source of iron in diet
Spanish Fly made from
Speaker of the House
Species become extinct
Speeding ticket for 6mph
Speed of raindrop
Spent on pickle research
Spider monkeys
Spider silk vs. steel
Spinach consumption
Square dry paper folded
Stanley Cup original high
Stannous fluoride
State in US called Franklin
State that grows in land area every year
State with the longest coastline
Steel for bottle caps vs. automobile bodies
Steel vs. air in sound speed
Steps in Capitol Building
Steps per day
Stored his own urine
St. Paul original name
Straight camel's spine
Strawberries vs. oranges vitamin C
Streets paved with gold
Streets without names
Stretched platinum
Stretched standard slinky
Stronger when wet
Sudden cardiac arrests
Sugar will not ruin the engine
Sun as a star
sunlight strike
Sun vs. earth size
Superman in every episode
Supertanker stop time
Surgeon lost a patient, hands cut off
Swallow and blink
Swallows a quart of mucous
Swallows while eating
Swans property of the Queen
Sweat glands
Symbol on the 'pound' key