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Fun Facts starting with T

Found 90 facts, where title starting on letter t.

Tablecloths originally meant
Tablespoon of corn oil
Taiwanese funeral
Taj Mahal building
Taj Mahal building facts
Taller in morning
Tastebud lives only few days
Taste with feed
Taste with nose plugged
Tax for beard
Teeth in throat
Teeth vs. rocks
Teflon, slipperiest substance
Telephones vs. people in Washington DC
Temperature at 40000 feet
Temperature of the earth's interior
Ten Hollywood towns in US
Tenors hitting e over high c
Termites vs. humans weight
Testicles in head
The grandest vessel of her day
The largest single employer
The Number System
The War with Britain
They can eat themselves
They can't jump
They can turn stomach inside-out
They can't walk
They don't gamble
They eat faster with heavy metal music
They eat insects
They eat the feces
They have transparent blood
They have two penises
They mate while airborne
They never made or receive a phone call
They roamed Alaska
They will be victim of crime
Thieves gets caught or not
Thieves: relatives, friends
Third nipple
Thirty feet jump
This animal can live 100+ years
This animal can't jump
This heart beats 650 per min
This planed rotates clockwise
Three consective strikes in bowling
Three Mile Island or not
Three private wells
Three Steps to Heaven before die
Three Stooges
Three wealthiest families
Tiger's striped skin
Tigers: Striped skin or fur
Time for bank robbery
Time for looking for lost files
Time on watch in advertisements
Time spent on toilet
Time to sunlight reach Earth
Tina Turner songs to scare birds
Tipping at restaurant as an insult
Titanic vs. movie cost
Toaster energy
Tobacco for livelihood
Tobacco produces in US
Toilet injuries
Tomatoes poisonous or not
Tongue print
Toothbrush near toilet
Tooth Fairy in Mexico
Toothpick choked
Toss a penny not fifty-fifty chance
Toto dog salary
Toupees for dogs
Toys for pigs
Travel from the core of the sun
Traveling to nearest star
Travel vs. win on lottery chances
Trees cut down for paper
Trees in the world are accidentally planted by squirrels
Tributaries flowing into Amazon
Trueman Capote middle name
Tsunamis vs. jet planes
Tug of War on Olympic
Tuna the swimmer
Turkey and rainstorm
tuxedo rentals
Twins fingerprints
Two CD's is illegal
Typical spec of dust