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Fun Facts starting with W

Found 80 facts, where title starting on letter w.

Waffle Iron inventor
Walk miles to make bed
Walk of Fame
Walk three times around the world
Walk to fetch water
Walk twice around the world
WAL-MART every 7 minutes
Warren as rat catcher
Washington grew marijuana
Wasted food
Water can cut steel
Water for car production
Water for drinking purposes
Water in brain
Watermelons for $100
Water on Earth
Water through tree leaves
Weigh less than a penny
Weigh on Earth and Mars
Weight of a carat
Weight of million dollars
Wendy for Peter Pan
Whale oil in automobile
Whale's aorta size
Whale's heart
What is aglet
What is peanut
When to buy shoes
When your face blushes
Where is Mozart buried
Whispering vs. normal speaking tone
White black whales
Who could fart the loudest
Who created the Thighmaster
Who designed American Flag
Whoopi Goldberg’s real name
Whopper sandwiches per day
Whose palms were sweaty
Will die from flu
Will grow another eye
Will keep you from crying
Windmills clockwise or not
Wine destroyed in earthquake
Wine exposed to light
Winning tickets in bras
Woman executed if watched Olympic event
Woman over 100 years
Woman's sense of smell
Women and the right side
Women blink
Women to vote
Women vs. men hearing
Women vs. men IQ
Women who read romance novel
Woodpecker scalps
Woodpecker speed
Worcestershire Sauce
Word gymnasium meaning
Word Indiana meaning
Word NEWS meaning
Word taxi on other languages
Word Tips meaning
Word with longest definition
Word with longest definition in Eng
Word without repeating letter
Word yawning
Working adult sweats
Working lottery winners
Worlds first billionaire
World's oldest golf club
World's oxygen supply
World's smallest mammal
world's widest road
World’s youngest parents
World Trade Center towers ZIP codes
Worms taste
Write with black ink
Wyoming named