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Funny pictures starting with D

Found 140 quotes, where title starting on letter d.

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Daaaaad stop commenting on my status
Dad couldn't pass up the photo opportunity
Dad humor
Dads and technology
Daily reaction to posts on Facebook.
Dammit, Carl!
Dammit Dwane not again!
Damn Airlines..
damn autocorrect..
Damn girl, you work out?
Damn Internet
Damn it
Damn it Barry
Damn it harry
Damn it Phyllis.
Damn, those youtube comments make me giggle sometimes.
Daniel Radcliffe on self confidence
Daniel Tosh gets it spot on
Danny the F***ing Dandelion.
Dare I say, Zing!
Dark Knight Archetypes
Dat ass
Dat ass
dat look
Dat voice
Dave Grohl
Dave Grohl on piracy..
David Attenborough is awesome
David Grohl on being grounded.
David Grohl's opinions about Glee. Couldn't agree more.
David Tennant has an inner goddess.
David Tennant on McDonald's and Burger King
Daylight Savings?
De-evolution has begun.
Dead End is right
Deal with it
Deal with it..
Dear Asshole:
Dear Axe Body Spray?
Dear cancer.
Dear editors of WHERE magazine, two words: IMAGE PLACEMENT
Dear girls?
Dear humans.
Dear Mr. Important
Dear NASA, you are awesome.
Death perception level: Jim Morrison
Death to the Facebook Cancer
Deciding to live alone.
Decisions, Decisions
Dedicated to people dealing with depression.
Deep thoughts mode
Definitely the flux capacitor.
Definition of forever alone.
Delaying the good news
dem tears
Denis Leary on racism
Desks are inversely proportional to body size..
Devolution of hot
Diagnosed with a Tumor in her neck at 6 months, 2 surgeries and 4 months later this is my favorite pic ever.
Diamonds are a girl's best friend..
Did a double take in the bathroom stall this morning. My name happens to be Matt.
Did not see that coming?
Did you?
Did you ever drink so much..
Didn't know these actually existed
Didn't see that one coming
Difference between Science and Screwing around
Differences between Mac's and PC's
Different perspectives
Different reasons for people running
Ding ding ding! We have a winner!
Ding-Dong-Don't Mess With Me
Dinner for One
Dirty Harry vs Rain Man
Dirty job.
Disappointing children on a terribly ingenious level
Discovered a kid left his Facebook account logged in on a phone, so I made a status update. Things? escalated.
Disrespectful Parents
Do females understand this?
Do it.
Do it. Do it now.(FB)
Do science at home
Do they even realize? (FB)
Do want.
Do we have to? Okay?
Do you?
Do you ever blink?
Do you have a better example for trust?
Do you have those in my size?
Do you like boys or do you like girls?
Do you pee in the shower?
Do you seriously need to ask Facebook this?