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Found 1544 quotes, where title starting on letter a.

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A bachelor is a selfish, undeserving... by Don Quinn
A bachelor never quite gets ove... by Helen Rowland
A bad beginning... by Euripides, Aegeus
A bad neighbor is a misfortune,... by Hesiod
A bad wound may heal, but a bad... by Scottish Proverb
A banker is a fellow who lends... by Mark Twain
A bank is a place where they lend... by Robert Frost
A better world shall emerge based... by General Douglas MacArthur
A big book is a... by Callimachus (c. 260 B.C.)
Ability is nothing without... by Napoleon I
Ability is of little account without... by Napoleon Bonaparte
Ability will never catch up with... by Malcolm Forbes
A billion here, a billion there... by Senator Everett Dirksen
A bird does not sing because it... by Chinese Proverb
A bird that you set free may be... by Jewish Proverb
A bit of fragrance clings to the... by Chinese Proverb
A bodily disease which we look... by Nathaniel Hawthorne
A bone to the dog is not charity.... by Jack London
A book burrows into your life... by Erica Jong, O Magazine, 2003
A book holds a... by Chinese Proverb
A book is a garden, an orchard,... by Charles Baudelaire
A book is a mirror; if an ass... by George Christoph Lichtenberg
A book is a version of the world.... by Salman Rushdie, O Magazine, April 2003
A book is like a garden carried... by Chinese Proverb
A book may be compared to your... by Rupert Brooke
A book of quotations . . . can... by Robert M. Hamilton
A bookstore is one of the only... by Jerry Seinfeld
A book tightly shut is but... by Chinese Proverb
A bore is a fellow talking who... by Laurence J. Peter
A bore is a man who deprives you... by Gian Vincenzo Gravina
A bore is a man who, when you... by Bert Leston Taylor, The So-Called Human Race (1922)
Abortion is advocated only by... by Ronald Reagan
About foxhunting: The unspeakable... by Oscar Wilde
About Superman and Batman: the... by Michael Caine,
About the most originality that... by Josh Billings
About the only thing that comes... by Gloria Pitzer
About the time we can make ends... by Herbert Hoover
About the time we think we can... by Herbert Hoover
Above all things, never be afraid.... by Andre Maurois
Above all things, reverence... by Pythagoras
Above all, try... by Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Above all, we are coming to understand... by John Fitzgerald Kennedy
A boy can learn a lot from a dog:... by Robert Benchley
A brave man dies but once, a coward... by Native American Proverb
A broken bone can heal, but the... by Jessamyn West
Absence diminishes small loves... by La Rochefoucald
Absence extinguishes small passions... by De La Rochefoucauld.
Absence is to love what wind is... by Comte DeBussy-Rabutin
Absence makes the heart grow... by Sextus Propertius, Elegies
Absence of proof is not proof... by Michael Crichton
Absence sharpens love, presence... by English Proverb
Absence sharpens love, presence... by Thomas Fuller
Absence, with all its pains, is,... by James Thomson
Absolute faith corrupts as absolutely... by Eric Hoffer
Absolute power is the power... by Frank Herbert, Dune
Abstinence is as easy to me, as... by Samuel Johnson
Abstract art: a product of the... by Al Capp
[Abstract art is] a product of... by Al Capp
A bully is not reasonable - he... by Marie De France, 12th Century
Abundance is, in large part,... by Sue Patton Thoele
Abundance of knowledge does not... by Heraclitus
A bureaucrat is a Democrat who... by Alben W. Barkley, U.S Vice President (1949-1953)
A business that makes nothing... by Henry Ford
A camel never sees... by African Proverb
A candour affected is a dagger... by Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, "Meditations", book 9.
A cap of good acid costs five... by Hunter S. Thompson
A casual stroll through the lunatic... by Friedrich Nietzsche
Acceptance is such an important... by Peter McWilliams, Life 101
Acceptance without proof is the... by Gary Zukav, "The Dancing Wu Li Masters"
Accept that all of us can be hurt,... by Dr. Joyce Brothers
Accept what people offer. Drink... by Wally Lamb
Accident, n.: A condition in which... by Unknown
Accidents will occur in the best... by Charles Dickens
Accomplishing the impossible means... by Doug Larson
According to classical aerodynamics,... by Doctor Who
According to Democritus, truth... by Charles Richter
Accurate knowledge is the basis... by Charles Simmons
Accurate scholarship can unearth... by W. H. Auden
Accustomed to the veneer of noise,... by John Lahr
Accustom yourself continually... by Saint Teresa of Avila
A celebrity is a person who works... by Fred Allen
A celibate clergy is an especially... by Carl Sagan, Contact
A censor is a man who knows more... by Granville Hicks
A ceremony in which rings are... by Herbert Spencer
A certain amount of danger is... by Charles Lindberg
A cheerful look brings joy... by William Makepeace Thackeray
A cheerful mind... by Jean De la Fontaine
A chess genius is a human being... by George Steiner
A chic type, a rough type, an... by Jean-Michel Jarre
A child becomes an adult when... by Thomas Szasz, The Second Sin (1973) "Childhood"
A child is a curly, dimpled... by Ralph Waldo Emerson
A child is not likely to find... by Austin L. Sorensen
A child is the... by Maria de Jesus
A child of five would understand... by Groucho Marx
A child of my own! Oh, no, no,... by Gustave Flaubert
A child only educated at school... by George Santayana
A chinese philosopher once had... by Unknown
A Church without Youth is a Church... by Pope Shenouda III, Pope & Patriach of Alexandria
A cigarette is the perfect type... by Oscar Wilde
Acknowledgment - If you wish your... by Author Unknown