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Fun Facts starting with G

Found 326 quotes, where title starting on letter g.

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Gaiety is the most outstanding... by Joseph Stalin
Gain a modest reputation for being... by Paul Theroux
Gambling promises the poor what... by George Bernard Shaw
Gardens and flowers have a way... by Clare Ansberry, The Women of Troy Hill
Gardens are not made by sitting... by Rudyard Kipling
Gather in your resources, rally... by John Haggai
Gather ye rose-buds while ye may,... by Robert Herrick, To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time
Genealogy is based on the obviously... by Nicolas Martin, Article c. 1995
Generally speaking, the Way of... by Miyamoto Musashi, 1645
General principles should not... by Robert J. Sawyer, "Calculating God", 2000
Generosity is giving more than... by Kahlil Gibran
Generosity with strings is not... by Marya Mannes
Generous people are rarely... by Dr. Karl Menninger
Genius hath electric power which... by Lydia M. Child
Genius is a bend in the creek... by Edgar Lee Masters
Genius is born--not... by Oscar Wilde
Genius is childhood... by Bauldlaire
Genius is entitled to respect... by Lord Essex
Genius is of no... by Charles Churchill
Genius is one percent inspiration... by Thomas Edison
Genius is only a greater aptitude... by George-Louis Leclerc de Buffon
Genius is present in every age,... by Denis Diderot
Genius is talent provided... by William Somerset Maugham
Genius is the ability to put into... by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Genius may have its limitations,... by Elbert Hubbard
Genius might be described as a... by Samuel Butler
Genius might well be defined as... by L. B. Walton
Genius without education is like... by Benjamin Franklin
Genius without religion is only... by Hannah More
Gentility is what is left over... by John Ciardi
Gentlemen prefer... by Andrew Mellon
Gentlemen, you are now about to... by John Alexander Smith, Speech to Oxford University students, 1914
Genuine beginnings begin within... by William Bridges
Genuine goodness is threatening... by Charles Spencer
Genuine poetry can communicate... by T. S. Eliot
Geography is just physics slowed... by Terry Pratchet, The Last Continent
[George Bush] has raised taxes... by Bill Clinton, Democratic National Convention, July 16, 1992
George Bush taking credit for... by Al Gore - during 1992 Vice Presidential debate
George Washington as a boy was... by Mark Twain
George Washington had a vision... by Jeff Melvoin, Northern Exposure, Bolt from the Blue, 1994
Gerry Ford is a nice guy, but... by Lyndon Baines Johnson
Geschichte ist [...] ein Dialog... by Edward Hallet Carr, Was ist Geschichte?, S. 54
Get all the fools on your side... by Frank Dane
Get away from the crowd when you... by Arthur Brisbane
Get happiness out of your work... by Elbert Hubbard
Get into the habit of asking yourself... by Author Unknown
Get not your friends by bare compliments,... by Socrates
Get pleasure out of by Sol Hurok
Get the facts, or the facts will... by Dr. Thomas Fuller, Gnomologia, 1732
Get this (economic plan) passed.... by President George Bush, to New Hampshire legislators
Getting ahead in a difficult profession... by Sophia Loren
Getting caught is the mother... by Robert Byrne
Getting in touch with your true... by Tom Hopkins
Getting kicked out of the American... by Melvin Belli on the occasion of his getting kicked out of the American Bar Association
Getting my lifelong weight struggle... by Oprah Winfrey, O Magazine, August 2004
Getting old is... by Bette Davis
Getting out of bed in the morning... by Jules Feiffer
Get up, stand up Stand up for... by Bob Marley
Get your facts first and then... by Mark Twain
Get your facts first, then you... by Mark Twain
Gifts are... by Marcus Valerius Martialis
Ginger Rodgers did everything... by Faith Whittlesey
Girls just want... by Adrienne E. Gusoff
Girls should be brought up to... by Lord Robert Baden-Powell
Give all to love;... by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Give a man a fire and keep him... by Anonymous
Give a man a fish and he has food... by Zenna Schaffer
Give a man a fish and he will... by Jay Leno
Give a man a fish and you feed... by Chinese Proverb
Give a man religion without reminding... by Max Lucado, The Applause of Heaven
Give away all you like, but keep... by Irish Proverb
Give death a better name... by Timothy Leary
Give me an incubator or give... by Hawkeye and Trapper, M*A*S*H
Give me a place to stand, and... by Archimedes (ca. 235 bc)
Give me liberty,... by Patrick Henry, a speech before the American Revolution
Give me somewhere to stand, and... by Archimedes
Give me the children until they... by St. Francis Xavier
Give me the liberty to know, to... by John Milton
Give me the luxuries of life and... by Frank Lloyd Wright, quoted in his obituary, April 9, 1959
Give me the splendid silent sun... by Walt Whitman
Give me where to stand, and I... by Archimedes, from Pappus of Alexandria, Collectio
Give neither advice nor salt,... by English Proverb
Give not over thy soul to sorrow;... by Ecclesiastes
Givers have to set limits because... by Irma Kurtz, Cosmopolitan Magazine, September 2003
Give to every other human being... by Robert Ingersoll
Give up your relentless moralizing,... by Lao Tse, In a discussion with Confucious about the true nature of humanity.
Give us this day our daily Faith,... by A. Huxley, Island
Give what you have. To some it... by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Give what you have. To someone,... by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Give your hearts, but not into... by Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet
Giving a man space is like giving... by Bette-Jane Raphael
Giving birth is like taking your... by Carole Burnett
Giving every man a vote has no... by H. L. Mencken
Giving is a necessity sometimes...... by Margaret Lee Runbeck
Glass, china and reputation are... by Benjamin Franklin
Glory built on selfish principles... by William Cowper
Glory is fleeting, but obscurity... by Napoleon Bonaparte
Glory is like a circle in the... by William Shakespeare
Gluttony is not... by Orson Welles
Go ahead,... by Dean Riesner, Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry in "Sudden Impact", 1983