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Fun Facts starting with M

Found 591 quotes, where title starting on letter m.

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MacDonald has the gift of compressing... by Sir Winston Churchill
Machines take me by surprise with... by Alan Turing
Magnificent promises are always... by Theodore Parker
Mahatma Gandi was what wives wish... by Unknown
Major writing is to say what has... by Delmore Schwartz
Make all you can, save all you... by John Wesley
Make failure your teacher, not... by Zig Ziglar
Make hunger thy sauce, as a medicine... by Thomas Tusser, 1524
Make money and the whole nation... by George Bernard Shaw
Make money, money by fair means... by Horace, Epistles
Make money, money, honestly if... by Quintus Horatius Flaccus [Horace] 65BC - 8BC
Make money your god and it will... by Henry Fielding
Make no mistake about it: Operation... by Dan Quayle, remarks at Arlington National Cemetery
Make service your first priority,... by Author Unknown
Make sure you have finished speaking... by Dorothy Sarnoff
Make the best use of what is in... by Epictetus
Make the most of yourself, for... by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Make up your mind to act decidedly... by Thomas H. Huxley
Make visible what, without you,... by Robert Bresson
Make wisdom your provision for... by Bias
Make your bargain before... by Arab Proverb
Make your life a mission - not... by Arnold Glasgow
Make your own recovery the first... by Robin Norwood
Make yourself an honest man, and... by Thomas Carlyle
Make yourself necessary to somebody.... by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Making a wrong decision is understandable.... by Philip Crosby, Reflections on Quality
Making duplicate copies and computer... by Andy Rooney
Making money is art and working... by Andy Warhol
Making music should not be left... by Michelle Shocked
Male and female represent the... by Margaret Fuller, Woman in the Nineteenth Century, 1845
Malice sucks up the greater part... by Michel de Montaigne
Management is doing things right;... by Peter Drucker
Management is nothing more than... by Lee Iacocca
"Management" means, in the last... by Peter F. Drucker, People and Performance
Man, being reasonable, must get... by Lord Byron, Don Juan
Man can believe the impossible,... by Oscar Wilde
Man can learn nothing unless he... by Claude Bernard
Man can live far from God -- not... by Elie Wiesel, The Perils of Indifference
Man ceased to be an ape, vanquished... by Yevgeny Zamyatin
Man did not weave the web of life,... by Chief Seattle
Man does not live by words alone,... by Adlai E. Stevenson Jr.
Man forgives woman anything save... by Minna Antrim
Man has a limited biological capacity... by Alvin Toffler
Man has made some machines that... by Thomas J. Watson
Man has made use of his intelligence,... by Remy de Gourmont
Man has responsibility,... by Tuscarora proverb
Man has six organs to serve him... by Leone Levi
Man has three friends on whose... by The Talmud
Man has to suffer. When he has... by Jose Marti
Man have to have friends... by Miguel de Cervantes
Manifest plainness, Embrace... by Lao-tzu, The Way of Lao-tzu
Man invented language to satisfy... by Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner
Man is a clever animal who behaves... by Albert Schweitzer
Man is a credulous animal, and... by Bertrand Russell, Unpopular Essays (1950), "Outline of Intellectual Rubbish"
Man is a gregarious animal and... by Georg Christoph Lichtenberg
Man is a gregarious creature,... by Unknown
Man is a hating rather than... by Rebecca West
Man is an animal which, alone... by Alexander Graham Bell
Man is a natural polygamist: he... by H. L. Mencken
Man is a rational animal who always... by Orson Welles
Man is asked to make of himself... by Paul Tillich a tame or civilized animal;... by Plato
Man is a wonderful creature; he... by Hazrat Ali Ibn-e-Abi Talib, Nahj-ul-Balagha (Sermons and sayings Compilation)
Man is born free and everywhere... by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Man is born free, but everywhere... by Jean Jacques Rousseau, The Social Contract
Man is but a reed, the most feeble... by Blaise Pascal, quoted by Rebecca West in BLACK LAMB AND GREY FALCON: A JOURNEY THROUGH YUGOSLAVIA, 1940
Man is by nature a political... by Aristotle, Politics
Man is certainly stark mad. He... by Michel de Montaigne
Man is condemned to be free; because... by Jean-Paul Sartre
Man is distinguished from all... by Joseph Addison, The Spectator, September 26, 1712
Man is equally incapable of seeing... by Blaise Pascal
Man is fond of counting his troubles,... by Fyodor Dostoevsky
Man is free at the moment... by Voltaire
Man is free in his imagination,... by Israel Lipkin
Man is his own star and the soul... by John Fletcher, 1647
Man is least himself when he talks... by Oscar Wilde
Man is more ape than many... by Friedrich Nietzsche
Man is never honestly the fatalist,... by H. L. Mencken
Man is not a machine... Although... by Joseph Weizenbaum
Man is not born to solve the problem... by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Man is not like other animals... by Erving Goffman
Man is not the creature of circumstances,... by Benjamin Disraeli
Man is only man at the surface.... by Paul Valery
Man is only miserable so far as... by Jacopo Sannazaro
Man is ready to die for an idea,... by Paul Eldridge
Man is so made that he can only... by Anatole France, The Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard
Man is the artificer of his... by Henry David Thoreau, Journal, January 21, 1838
Man is the best computer we can... by Wernher von Braun
Man is the cruelest... by F. Nietzsche
Man is the measure... by Protagoras, Fragment 1
Man is the only animal for whom... by Erich Fromm
Man is the only animal that blushes... by Mark Twain
Man is the only animal that can... by Samuel Butler
Man is the only animal that laughs... by Samuel Butler
Man is the only animal that laughs... by William Hazlitt
Man is the only animal that learns... by Jean Kerr
Man is the only animal whose desires... by Henry George
Man is the only creature that... by Albert Camus
Man is to himself the most wonderful... by Blaise Pascal, Pensees(II,72)
Man is tormented by no greater... by Fyodor Dostoevsky, "The Brothers Karamazov"